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The 5 stages of Change

“There is nothing permanent except change.” Heraclitus

This could not be truer when it comes to our health. As time goes on, our health is constantly changing.

It is fortunate that we know there are 5 specific stages of change, which we all move around in as we progress through life:

1. Pre-contemplation: Not thinking about it. Since you’re reading this blog, this is not you – although you may be able to think of a friend or family member in this category.

2. Contemplation: Thinking about it. This could have been you prior to coming to see us. Some people can spend weeks, months, years and decades in this stage, never making it to…

3. Preparation: Planning to do it. This is where you are taking actions towards change. At this level you’re now a player in the game and getting some small wins.

4. Action: Doing it (under 3 months). This is where you’ve been consistently taking action, you’re noticing changes, making progress and are becoming a professional at playing the game of healthy change

5. Maintenance: Still doing it (over 3 months). This is our goal for us to achieve with you because at this stage you’re becoming a high performer, upping your game, overcoming obstacles and getting results!

Please note that Relapse, which is “Stopped doing it – the healthy change” can happen at any stage and happens to all of us from time to time.

The trick is to develop skills which help get you back to “Action” or “Maintenance” phase as soon as possible – which is what we love supporting our clients to do at Tailored Health.

Our first 5 appointments of Find Your Baseline, Find Your Moves, Show Your Moves, Grow Your Moves, Measure Your Moves help guide you from whatever stage of change you’re in towards your health goal!

Here’s a video overview:

Ben Taylor
Mad Keen Speedgolfer
Director of Tailored Health
Exercise Physiologist

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