Build Your Golf Game By Getting Stronger 💪

Are you sick of having to pull driver out on a Par 3?

If this is you, you’re in for a treat as we explain the best way to reverse this habit for good! Not being able to stop your ball on the Par 3 green due to hitting a low darting driver will be a thing of the past. If you have a friend who is hitting driver on Par 3’s, be a good friend and share this wisdom with them.

Why are you having to hit driver on a Par 3?

Well, you could be playing a hard course off the back tees into the wind. But the chances are you are unable to generate enough club head speed to get the distance required with anything less than a driver. 

Now this is completely fine, for now and I’m not here to shame anyone who does hit a driver into Par 3’s (I’ll leave that to their mates). However, if you’re sick of hitting a driver into Par 3’s and want to be proactive about improving your game, read on.

The Vital Ingredient

So how do we generate more club head speed and free ourselves from hitting driver on Par 3’s?

We start by building more strength!

To be more specific we want to build your golf  strength (i.e. strength in the movements and muscles required to swing a golf club). But what about power, I hear you say? Well, we gotta build the engine (your bodies golf strength) before we make it go fast (convert your newfound golf strength into golf power = more swing speed).

Another huge benefit of gaining golf strength, other than smacking a 5 iron straight at the flag instead of your driver, is that you reduce the likelihood of injury and or reduce the aches and pains you’re currently getting from playing golf.

We are often helping many golfers with this problem each week and go through the following process below.

Building your golf strength like the Pro’s

What is strength?

Let’s first define the beast we are trying to tame to up our golf game: Strength is a characteristic which can help golfers improve their club head speed, hit the ball further and reduce their risk of injury. It is, in short, your ability to create force against an object.

How is it measured?

Through the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) screening, of which there are four key components which get measured to determine a golfers level of strength. These four tests obtain a golfers 8 repetition max which will determine the golfers level of strength.

1.Upper body pull

The upper body pull test is measured through a single arm row on a cable machine as pictured below – The normative data on the left is scaled to body weight (aim for the green zone to be like the pros!)

2. Upper body push

The upper body push test is measured through a single arm push on a cable machine as pictured below – The normative data on the left is scaled to body weight (aim for the green zone to be like the pros!)

3. Split squat

The split squat will be performed holding two dumbbells and performing 8 repetitions on each leg. The normative data on the left is scaled to body weight (aim for the green zone to be like the pros!)

4. Squeeze test

This test is measured through a handheld device specifically designed to measure how hard you can squeeze. The golfer will perform 3 repetitions and take the highest scored result. Both sides will be measured. PGA tour players average 50kg on each arm. 

How to improve strength for golf

Simply put, some time in the gym!

Lifting weights is a great way to improve strength. This can be started with body weight movements and then progress towards more advanced resistance loads. 

Each golfer’s strength training program will vary depending on their exercise baseline. Following a TPI movement screening and strength measure, an appropriate program will be implemented. The major movement for golfers will be targeted will include an upper body push/pull, lower body push/pull and rotation.

From here, we can build a strong base to get our club head speed firing and our shot distances and control improving! 

Do you need some help putting your driver away for a par 3? We can give you the edge above your mates and help you build your strength program to get your golf game above the rest.

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