Tailored Golf Exercise Course

The Tailored Golf Course (TGC) is a series of online courses, crafted into 18 holes (components), designed to get your body into the best condition possible for optimum golf performance.

Movement Mastery, the front 9 holes of TGC, is the first step to improving your game. By the end of the Movement Mastery course you will have*:

Body awareness: Complete a golf movement assessment and zoom in on what needs improving and get your “Golf Movement Handicap”

Tailored 1st Tee Warm Up – Why not feel great at the start of every round? Here you’ll get your top 3-5 tailored golf exercises.

Tailored Golf @ Home program – Improve your game when you’re not even at the course and gain an edge on your mates. Here you’ll get an additional 3-5 tailored golf exercises.

Golf Swing Awareness: Complete a biomechanical golf swing analysis – find what swing characteristics hold you back AND what you can do about them

Measurable Progress: An updated “Golf Movement Handicap” measuring your movement improvement by the end of the front 9. This will include your front 9 score for Movement Mastery at TGC

A plan: Once you complete the front 9 at TGC, you’ll get a report with the next steps for your golf improvement journey.

Please Note: Online course includes interactive sessions with Golf Medical Expert, Ben Taylor, who will be there to guide you each step of the way.

The Tailored Health Golf Course is the first step to improving your game!

The Structure of the Course:

Meet you Instructor:

Ben Tayor

Golf Coach

Ben started Tailored Health in February 2016, with a goal to and raise the standard of healthcare, particularly bringing Exercise Physiology into the 21st century! His tailored and innovative strategies to help his clients achieve their health goals has allowed him to grow his team, in turn helping both the local Ashwood and broader community.

Since graduating in 2013, Ben has worked in a range of environments which have allowed him to develop a unique range of skills to help people overcome and manage their injuries or health conditions, particularly golfers. Being obsessed with golf since the age of 10, Ben has pursued his passion combining his golf experience with his clinical knowledge. As a result Ben has worked alongside some of the best golf coaches and physicians in the world, travelling to California in 2019, where he met and worked with Tiger Woods trainer on a golf mobility program. Ben has also travelled and presented internationally on the importance of improving golf performance by moving better.

Ben’s golf handicap is +1 and he’s currently 11th in the world at SpeedGolf, with an 18 hole PB of 79 strokes in 51 minutes). Ben enjoys maintaining a healthy lifestyle playing guitar, fishing and reading personal development books. Ben’s current goal is to compete in the Speedgolf Worldchamps again and get on the podium!

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