Delivering the most Tailored Health experience



Deliver the most Tailored Health experience.

Simple, yet not easy. We have two key metrics, one qualitative and one quantitative, which point to us being on the right track towards our mission.

Qualitatively, we are measuring the number of ways we deliver a Tailored Health experience. As the number of ways we do this grows (with the help our our clients feedback) we can look at if we are the “most” or not when comparing to others in the Allied Health arena. You will find the ways we tailor health below. You may find a number of ways that are common in other clinic, however, the value comes from all of these being put together. It’s like the total sum of two people working together is more than two separate peoples work in silos added together.

There’s no point having the most Tailored Health experience without anyone enjoying it. Quantitatively we can measure the amount of hours we’ve delivered the most Tailored Health experience with the goal to be a clinic for good with our clients remembering how we made them feel.

Number of ways we deliver the most Tailored Health experience

We’ve Got Your Back

  1. You’re our #1 focus at every appointment! This may sound simple, however, the amount of times we hear stories from clients mentioning that their health professional didn’t listen and went on with their own plan and not the clients. To avoid this scenario you’ll be asked at the start of each appointment some version of the following. “What’s the #1 thing that you would like to get done today?” This keeps us both on track and accountable!   
  2. Smile on our dial upon arrival. Nothing better than walking into a building and receiving a warm welcome that feels like a big bear hug!
  3. More interested in listening than being heard: It still surprises me to this day that if I can listen close enough, I’ll hear the problem and if I can listen even deeper I can start to hear the solution too! This allows us to adapt and change Health Plans and Programs to be inline with your expectations and where you want to get to with your health goals. We find this skill particularly in the early stages when your new habits are being formed.
  4. Clear expectations in between appointments. Ever left an appointment confused about what to do until the next one? Given we are often not spending more than 1% of our week together with our clients, what an opportunity we have to make some additional progress in the other 99% of your week! If you’re thinking that all your benefits are going to come from our sessions, I’m sorry to tell you that you’re missing out on the biggest accelerator on your health which is to apply the specific, tiny habits formed in your appointments designed in conjunction with your practitioner. You can expect in between session tasks to be given to you by your practitioner via handwritten, email, text or carrier pigeon (note: not always reliable on getting to your house) 
  5. Process over Prescription with Shared Decision Making: Although we have a number processes to help you hit your health goals, we don’t believe in prescriptions that claim you “must do” or “have to” do something. We know there’s 2 experts in the room and know that you’ll have at least 50% of the answers which is why we find shared decision making a way more effective process for you to achieve your health goals.
  6. Clear focus with Zoom in, Zoom out: What we focus on is what we get. Therefore we like to Zoom In on what we got done in the session, how that ties into the Health Plan long term and then what our intended plan for the next appointment is (we get it things change before next appointments which is why we adapt and modify where needed as we go) 
  7. Timely (nick of time) check ins: We know that motivation comes and goes like waves which is why a timely check in is often a go to move by our team to help you solidify your habits throughout your health journey. Typically a text, email or call can make a world of difference to your progress over time.
  8. Tailored recommendations: It’s a big ol’ world out there with plenty of information (maybe too much!). So when we have a ripper recommendation we’ll be sure to let you know. Typically it would be for:
    1. Another health professional who compliments the work we are doing
    2. A product that you’ve flagged that you are wanting to buy or we believe would be helpful (e.g. , shoes, exercise equipment, massage chair etc.)
    3. A place that would add value to your life (e.g. Link to places to stay in Canberra, what local restaurant to go to)
  9. No two people’s Health Game Plan looks the same: It’s in our name and we love sticking to it. We collaboratively tailor your health plan to include where you are at, where you want to go, what we can achieve together, the next steps and the milestones we will achieve along the way. Clarity precedes success and these one page Health Game Plans are the back-bone of health goal achievement.
  10. Swarm of B’s (Behaviours): Know what you want but get stuck on taking action? This tool breaks any goal (tiny or mammoth) into smaller parts, leaving you with a range of strategies and pathways directly towards your health goal.  
  11. Focus mapping: Ever feel like you have a million ideas on how you could improve, but no idea which one to start with? This tool is used to help our clients identify their Golden Behaviours (i.e. something they have the ability and motivation to do and will have the biggest impact on their health!
  12. GP case conferences: Yes, we will catch up with your doctor on your behalf  to collaborate closely on your Health Plan and Program (typically quarterly), which drives less doubling up from yourself having to repeat your updates and more attention to making things better for you.
  13. Fresh air and fresh scents: In an active space where our clients are working hard to become their healthiest selves, sweat is a common by-product. We keep the environment friendly on the nose with auto air fresheners, open doors (when not freezing), fans, air conditioning and the occasional spray of air freshener when required.
  14. Dust buster: We have a no dust policy…if we see it we remove it and we have a cleaning routine which captures 90% of it all. You can expect your environment to be neat, clean and refreshing.
  15. Meaningful movements: From time to time I’ll ask clients, “why are you doing that movement?”. The answer typically range from “dunno” to “[X therapist said so]”. Without a connection between each movement and your meaningful health goal (Health Purpose) the motivation to do the movements/actions that will get you the results you’re after just won’t be there.
  16. Appointment Reminders: With us all battling against the busy-ness monster and distraction, it makes sense for us to help you with a reminder of your upcoming appointment to help you stay on track to your Health Purpose. Specifically an email 48 hours and a text 24 hours prior

Be Remarkable

  1. Custom convo starters. We always look for ways to make things better and our name badges is another example to give our clients a snapshot into our role, our interests and goals we are pursuing 
  2. Relaxation station: In our Welcome Room (not a waiting room!) we have a couple of activities you can do to relax and switch off from the scrolling and general busy-ness. These include a massage chair, colouring in books, personal development books and of course a positive chat with our client experience officer, Helen.
  3. Groove while you move! No better way to enjoy yourself than getting your favourite songs played every time you come in so that you can get in a flow with your session. 
  4. Olympic experience assessments: No longer do you have to be training for the Olympics to be able to have an Olympic experience when it comes to assessing your health. We are always investing into technology and equipment that helps you gain better awareness, which naturally leads to better choices, which then leads to better results. An example is our AxIT system which can measure your strength from head to toe, to the kilogram of force.

Make It Better

  1. Open feedback systems: We have a dedicated internal discussion thread where our team can pass on client feedback for how we can make things better at Tailored Health along with our mission wall in the welcome room where we also encourage our clients to document ideas around how we can improve!
  2. Continuous improvement. We love making meaningful progress which is why we dedicate hundreds of hours a year towards specifically improving our skills. Main areas include 1) our clinical skills ensuring we are all over the latest research and evidence so you don’t have to be and 2) how we are delivering the entire experience to clients often borrowing wisdom and inspiration from many different industries.

Bring the joy

  1. We remember your preferences: 
    1. What not to do in your appointments, taking away from your experience. This could range from your preferred name, topics of conversation, types of or specific exercises and triggers.
    2. What other services you’re using at Tailored Health including Osteopathy, Psychology, Podiatry
    3. How you take care of your payments or the funding you’re using. Nothing worse than not knowing when you’re owing or what fees are involved. We strive to keep this clear and simple.
    4.  If you need any assistance travelling to and from the clinic or tips for if we visit you at home for your appointment
    5. If you have a helper who schedules and organises your appointments for you we will coordinate with them, rather than annoy yourself.
    6. If you TeleHealth is your preferred reschedule option
  1. Genuinely interested in your interests: We’ve designed a simply system which helps us keep top of mind what is most important to you, which includes:
    1. What your most important health goal is
    2. Your important people and PETS 
    3. Your work and how we are blending our Plan and Program within it
    4. Your hobbies and interests, think holiday destinations, favourite footy team or TV show
  2. Knowing who we help best: Rather than trying to be everything to everyone, we’ve identified specific niches that we can focus our efforts and attention on so that we can deliver far more value to the clients that fall within those niches. Currently we help those who 1) want to keep active but have aches and pains holding them back, 2) have ASD or an intellectual disability or 3) play golf.
  3. Beverage station: There’s no beer here, but we do have a number of options for you to keep you caffeinated and or chilled out with our range of herbal teas.
  4. Group Class Groove Playlist: Imagine attending your favourite group class and not only do you hear a couple of your favourite songs you get to have some fun with your class mates who’ve also contributed their favourite songs to move to into the playlist.
  5. Cancel Chinese whispers: Have you ever gone from one appointment to the next feeling like all you do is repeat yourself and then get more confused? With your permission, we update those in your health and medical team on your behalf with your progress, results and plan to take the hassle out of having to recall and relay all the info from your appointments.

Embrace Challenges

  1. Team member away? No problem. To keep in sync we are always introducing clients to fellow team members and when the time comes that a team member is away, we are able to rely on our clinical notes from each appointment, a thorough written handover for context on exactly what to do in the upcoming appointment/s which ultimate allows our clients to keep on track with their plan, not missing out on your healthy habits and goals. It also saves the client having to repeat themselves twice!
  2. No time, no worries: If the pandemic taught us anything it’s that we need to be flexible and be able to offer a digital solution. Here enters TeleHealth which we’ve crafted to be as simple as one click of a button by yourself. So if you’re short on time it’s no problem and we simply switch to a TeleHealth appointment. Our research has found that results didn’t decrease by using TeleHealth, in fact they often increased the results over the long term as there were less interruptions to the clients Health Plan.
  3. We can come to you: Home visits are an option if you can’t get to our clinic due to travel. Yes, there’s a few extra pieces of equipment at our clinic however our goal is to empower you to be able to use your own environment to help you be healthy so it’s often valuable for us to come visit and help you align your Health Program to fit within your home. 

Got an idea of how we could improve your experience while at Tailored Health? Why not help others and be a part of our mission to deliver the most tailored health experience!

Keep an eye out as we continue to find more ways to help.

Your friend in helping you be active and healthy,

Ben Taylor
Director of Tailored Health

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5 Star Google Reviews
Tailored Health is committed to 5 star client satisfaction.

Ben and the whole team at Tailored health are absolutely 5 star worthy. You won’t meet a nicer more caring bunch of people. They really understand and are sympathetic to your needs.

Mandy Graham Avatar Mandy Graham
March 7, 2024

Have been coming to Tailored Health for two years and it has made such a difference to my life and overall health. Phil has been such a kind and knowledgeable support, he has helped me consistently and realistically achieve my goals. Ben, Helen, Claire and Alex are always a delight too.

Jackie Warburton Avatar Jackie Warburton
August 15, 2022

I first came pre-covid, then took a break & returned earlier this yr. I would describe Tailored Health as an ethical, inclusive and progressive business. I take advantage of the 2 session a week group class program which includes a complementary quarterly 1:1 45 min. review by an exercise physiologist. I have gained considerable strength and have improved my fitness under the safe guidance of the practitioners. It is a genuinely welcoming environment and makes allowances for those who have missed classes - which is most appreciated for F/T workers! It is good value for money to mitigate wear and tear and to alleviate physical and mental stress. I would highly recommend it to those who require rehab from an injury and or would like to restore their health to their individual optimum level. Thank you to Claire, Ben and Alex.

R T Avatar R T
October 17, 2022