Frequently Asked Questions

You can find our most frequently asked questions about what to expect, what to bring and how much an appointment will cost below. If you cannot find what you’re after feel free to contact us via the form on this page or Contact Us. We are here to help!

A big warm welcome in our Welcome Room!
From here we’ll show you around the clinic as we begin to listen to you about what you are wanting to achieve with your health. You and your practitioner will continue to discuss relevant medical history, complete some testing specific to your health concern and begin to make a plan moving forward with how we can best help you achieve your health goals. We often like to give you 1 – 3 key movements or tools to practice prior to your second appointment, where we build your exercise program and find your moves.

The most common pathway is as follows:

1. First Appointment: Find Your Baseline
2. Exercise Program: Find Your Moves
3. Demo Day: Show Your Moves
4. Progression Session: Grow Your Moves
5. The Harvest: Measure Your Moves

Simply park along either side of Yertchuk Avenue in front of the shops and you’ll see our Tailored Health sign, at number 9.

The street is marked 2 hour parking so if you plan on having lunch after an appointment or sticking around remember to move your car.

In the rare event that car parks in front of the shops are full, there are overflow car parks on Arthur St and further up Yertchuk Ave.

Wear anything you’re comfortable moving around in and footwear that covers your toes. Please bring relevant reports or findings and potentially a referral (from your doctor).

Note: You won’t need the latest and greatest active wear to visit us or to achieve your health goals!

No. You don’t have a referral, which is great as you don’t have to delay your health improving journey any longer. If you do have a referral through DVA, TAC, WorkSafe or Medicare please find more specific information here on how to get started with us.

Please note: Those without a referral can make private health insurance claims on the spot (dependant on your level of cover)

Yes. We understand that private health insurance premiums are only going up each year and this is why we will do what we can to help you to get your health rebates in a simple and timely manner.

An Accredited Exercise Physiologists (AEPs) are university qualified allied health professionals, having completed a minimum of 4 – 5 years of university education meeting stringent criteria for accreditation through Exercise & Sports Science Australia (ESSA) – including a minimum of 500 hours of work experience. AEPs are specialists in the field of exercise and create clinical exercise programs for the treatment and prevention of chronic injuries and conditions.

Personal Trainers are taught how to train healthy individuals and can receive their qualifications by completing an 8 week course.

Yes. We take university placement students throughout each year as we feel it is valuable for upcoming Allied Health Professionals to better understand, learn and gain further experience in their chosen field of expertise.

If you would like to complete a work placement with Tailored Health please contact us and we will attempt to accommodate your request.

Yes there is public transport available nearby. With the help of Gardiner’s Creek bicycle and walking track we have bus stops a short distance away on High Street Road, Highbury Road and Warrigal Road.

Jordanville Train Station, Glen Waverley line is a 24min walk away.

Elgar/Burwood Hwy tram stop, 75 tram, is a 20min walk away.

There are also ubers and taxis around to help accommodate your transport needs plus the additional option of home visits if traveling is not an option.

How long in a piece of string? Although there’s many ways in which we can help you to improve your health (list below), we understand that everyone is different and will have unique needs. This is why we have our Tailored Health Roadmap which helps us discover your Health Purpose, create your Health Plan and assist you to implement your Tailored Health Program based on your health goals.

An Exercise Physiologist can help you:

  • Improve recovery time from injury or health condition
  • Decrease pain
  • Improve mental health
  • Safely increase cardiovascular fitness
  • Achieve healthy weight loss
  • Reduce stress
  • Increase muscular strength
  • Increase flexibility, mobility & posture
  • Improve your knowledge on self managing your health conditions
  • Increase independence and quality of life
  • Improve functionality in daily living
  • Reduce blood pressure
  • Reduce cholesterol & triglycerides
  • Reduce blood glucose levels
  • Increase/maintain current bone mineral density
  • Improve sleep quality
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5 Star Google Reviews
Tailored Health is committed to 5 star client satisfaction.

Highly recommend Tailored Health. All staff are professional and caring. Alex has really helped me reset my personal goals and given me the confidence to pursue them.

Karyn Avatar Karyn
February 11, 2024

I took part in a program to help improve my mobility and strength specifically to improve my golf game. Yas was very knowledgeable in biomechanics, passionate for golf, and set out realistic programs for my restricted schedule. I was able to increase strength including rehabilitating a pre-existing right shoulder injury, increase swing speed, and increased hip mobility. I now feel in a better position to further develop my swing speed and mechanics.

Evan Hong Avatar Evan Hong
January 18, 2024

“It’s so great and I really like the blaze pods, kicking, balloon tennis, ball in the hoop. I just really like it” - Saf 8yo

stephanie glass Avatar stephanie glass
April 10, 2023