How to help us with MS May

We are excited to announce that Tailored Health is taking part in the 2022 Melbourne MS Walk Run + Roll!

MS affects more young people than any other neurological condition. It’s a lifelong disease and there is no cure. That’s why we’re raising money this year for this excellent cause – vital funds that help make support and services possible.

We have 2 ways you can help us out:

1. (The easiest) You can make a donation here
2. (The cheapest) You can join us in counting the healthy and active hours you complete (A.k.a. Power Hours) for the month of May! Simply count your hours of exercise over the month of May and report them to us when we send you a reminder text on the Sunday. You can then enjoy watching your own and the rest of the Tailored Health communities tally grow over the next 4 weeks as we get moving for MS together. For the last week of May, we will match $1 for each Power Hour our community achieves. Read more about Power Hours and how to log them below.

As a bonus, the person who clocks up the most Power Hours for the month of May will win a meal for the family at Tailored Health’s favourite souvlaki place, Secret Souv!

Power Hour FAQ’s, and How to Measure Them:

What counts as a healthy and active ‘Power Hour’?
Any activity that gets your body moving and exercising. Typically these are the activities in your weekly plan that you’ve discussed with your practitioner. For example, some common ones are home exercise program, walking, jogging, group class, sport, gym session, gardening and golf.

How to track your Power Hours:
There’s a number of ways that you could do this:
1. Pen and paper: It may appear old fashioned but there is definitely something about the simplicity (and satisfaction) of writing down what you’ve accomplished that a touchscreen cannot replace. We recommend downloading and printing a copy of our Monthly Momentum Scoresheet and find out how to use it. You can always simply use your own diary, journal, calendar or napkin. For superior results put whatever you’re using to track your Power Hours in an obvious place – think fridge, a door, next to a light switch or even on your pillow.

2. Technology: There’s too many activity trackers to mention them all, however, you can shortcut the pen and paper system by looking back at your week for the activities you tracked on Garmin, Strava, Fitbit, Apple Watch to name a few. Tally them up and you’ll soon get your Power Hour total. Lets try not to get bogged down in the data, simply note the time you spent doing the movement of your choice.

3. Combo: Use the tech option and jot the result onto the paper.

Note: How NOT to track your Power Hours would be from memory recall at the end of the week as this will likely be inaccurate, plus you’ll miss the motivation boost you get (or wake up call) when you’re looking at your Monthly Momentum Scoresheet and what you have (or haven’t)  written on it.

How much detail and decimal places to we go to?
Every minute counts! Once you accumulate some minutes, round up to the nearest 30minutes. E.g. You may complete your home exercise program of 15 minutes, three times for the week, equaling 45minutes. Simply round it up to 60mins which will easily convert to 1 hour. This will make the weekly math of the communities total Power Hours much simpler while making sure we keep the main thing, the main thing…accumulating time and effort moving your body!

What about high intensity exercise? What about low intensity exercise?
Everyone is different and everyone’s idea of what it high intensity or low intensity differs too. We could easily say that running counts as double, however this will quickly complicate things, so we have decided will keep it simple. Let’s remember, accumulating time and effort moving your body is what is most important here!

What will happen to my results/data?
It will be kept confidential, like the rest of your health and medical info at Tailored Health. Your practitioner will have access to your results to hi-5 you when things are going well and to support and help problem solve with you when an obstacle appears. There will be a range of prizes and rewards along the way and should you win one we will ask for consent prior to anything being shared to the community.

How do we know everyone is telling the truth?
We don’t! What we do know is that two things are going to happen. The first is that we value a “We’ve Got Your Back” mentality at Tailored Health which means we look out for one another and help where we can, plus we believe in our community to be open and honest with us, as we are with them. The second, in what I imagine to be a rare case, will be that someone lies about how many Power Hours they achieve so that they gain personally. As with health and life, there are no short cuts and a liar may get away with it once however we would also be expecting to see some amazing health goals achieved from this person should they be posting such a “high number” of Power Hours. To put one’s own interests ahead of the community will be the fastest way out the door.

Where did the Power Hour idea come from?
You can find out here where Ben, the founder of Tailored Health, writes about ‘Why does Tailored Health Exist?’

We look forward to counting Power Hours together over the month of May! Keep your eye on our socials to see how our team is tracking with their Power Hours too.

Together, through your donations and Power Hour contributions, we can make sure no one faces MS alone.

We will be in contact with you via text message at the end of each week to help log your Power Hours with us this May. If you’re not happy contributing your power hours throughout May we ask you politely reply to our first text with “N”.

Thank you SO much for your help!

Your friends in helping you be healthy and active,

The Tailored Health team

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Hi Ben and team. Thank you for the professional exercise advice over the last few years. Building core strength has eliminated my chronic back pain and improved my endurance and flexibility. The extra muscle assures my single figure golf handicap. The whole family are now Tailored Health converts. Well done.

William Sullivan Avatar William Sullivan
May 27, 2023

I took part in a program to help improve my mobility and strength specifically to improve my golf game. Yas was very knowledgeable in biomechanics, passionate for golf, and set out realistic programs for my restricted schedule. I was able to increase strength including rehabilitating a pre-existing right shoulder injury, increase swing speed, and increased hip mobility. I now feel in a better position to further develop my swing speed and mechanics.

Evan Hong Avatar Evan Hong
January 18, 2024

I have worked at Tailored Health for over a year now, and haven't come across a business that emphasises client care higher. The business does everything possible to help practitioners help their clients best. From professional development sessions, guest speakers and up to date research to ensure clients are in the best position possible to achieve their goals. If you are looking to improve your health, healthy habits, sporting performance or energy levels, I would highly recommended Tailored Health.

Yasiru Herath Avatar Yasiru Herath
January 4, 2024