Claire Samanna

Exercise Physiologist

Meet Exercise Physiologist Claire Samanna

Claire joined the team at Tailored Health in May 2017. Since graduating in 2016, Claire worked with neurological patients for six months, before volunteering in Kenya for 2 months assisting in medical centres.

Claire used to be a keen netballer however stopped playing in her early 20’s due to persisting lower back and neck pain. Since then Claire felt stuck in her ability to exercise safely and found herself stopping all sports and all the things she loved to do. Claire felt overwhelmed by her situation, with simple tasks becoming more and more difficult and she thought she would never run again. After seeing an exercise physiologist and building pacing strategies and learning about the science behind pain, Claire has been able to get back to team sports, gym training, handstands, ocean swims, surfing and now competes in race walking. Claire has since competed at Nationals in 2021 in the 10,000 metre track race walk, racing against athletes competing in the Tokyo Olympics. This journey is the reason why Claire became an Exercise Physiologist and found an interest in pain science, leading to Claire’s passion for empowering others in chronic pain to get back moving and back to the activities they love to do.

In order to make a greater impact on healthcare, Claire has returned to Deakin University to complete an innovative honours project in Low Back Pain. Her project will determine how adherence to clinical guidelines impacts on the development of chronic low back pain. Outcomes from this study have the potential to shape the future of how low back pain is managed in the emergency department.

Claire’s passion for empowering others in chronic pain to get back moving and back to the activities they love to do.

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    5 star review  Really great caring and flexible team. Claire and Phil have been working with my son, Daniel who is autistic while Ben have been working with me on my golf fitness. HIghly recommended for anyone regardless of level of fitness or disability. And for unique and inspiring golf fitness program regardless of age or ability!

    thumb Mun Chin
    November 7, 2019

    5 star review  I started working with Ben as my exercise physiologist even before he started Tailored Health. He has always been caring and understanding my problems and has always worked towards increasing my strength. He has a great team and Claire has done enormous job on my body, looking after all my pain and I feel so much better than before. Recently Phil has joined the team and he is great too! Thank you for looking after me and being so kind and professional.

    thumb Fariba Mameghan
    November 7, 2019

    5 star review  Wonderful and caring staff. Would highly recomend. They want to get you feeling and moving better

    thumb Indi Hangan
    May 10, 2021