NDIS Exercise Program with Tailored Health

Unlocking your Independence

The NDIS Exercise Program helps NDIS participants achieve greater levels of independence, with our program built around improving confidence, connection and participation.

The results you can expect from the program include:

  1. Skills and capacity building in terms of communication, day to day activities and mobility.
  2. Social engagement with practitioners, small groups and the wider Tailored Health community at various inclusive events and activities throughout the year.
  3. Support towards self-management, NDIS goals and learning new skills

Benefits of the NDIS Exercise Program include:

  • Greater independence with daily tasks through skill development
  • A safe place to practice and learn new skills
  • Improved confidence, communication and team building skills.
  • Particularly if part of our buddy system.
  • Reducing risk of injury, whether it be from trips or falls or within a sport they enjoy
  • Reduce sedentary behaviour (sitting down) and the likelihood of lifestyle health conditions (comorbidities)
  • Improved emotional regulation and mood

NDIS Exercise Program creates a healthier lifestyle, greater capacity with day to day activities and improved mental health.

Where do I start?

We want to make it easy for you to start gaining more independence and take action towards your NDIS goals. To do this we are offering all NDIS participants a complimentary Initial Assessment & Report which will help you understand how we can help you and also allow you to make informed decisions about how you use your NDIS supports.

An overview of the first 5 appointments includes:

  1. First Appointment: Find Your Baseline
  2. Exercise Program: Find Your Moves
  3. Demo Day: Show Your Moves
  4. Progression Session: Grow Your Moves
  5. The Harvest: Measure Your Moves

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