Exercise Physiology in Ashwood, Victoria

Do you have an injury? Perhaps a health condition or health concern? Maybe you just need help getting moving?

If you answered yes to any of the above, Exercise Physiology is for you!

Using exercise as our primary tool, we are committed to helping you reach your health goals, no matter how big or small they may be. Whether you’re seeking to manage a specific health condition (like diabetes, arthritis, or low bone density), aiming to maintain your independence at home, or even dreaming of running your first marathon, we have a pathway for you.

At Tailored Health, we believe that no obstacle is too great to overcome. We specialise in safely and effectively guiding you through any challenges that stand in your way on your exercise journey, leaving you free to focus on your health and well-being while reaping the rewards of a tailored exercise program.

With at least 4 years of university training under our belt, you can rest assured that we can get you moving in a way that is right and safe for you.

Ready to take the first step towards a healthier, more active you? Click the button below to schedule your appointment online. If you’re uncertain whether Exercise Physiology is the right choice for you, we’ve also provided a quiz below to help you determine if it’s the perfect fit. Your journey to optimal health begins here!

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The following quiz will identify if Exercise Physiology is a good fit for you and your health. You’ll receive a personalised report from our team explaining what the best pathway forward for your health would look like! For now get started on the quiz below!

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5 Star Google Reviews
Tailored Health is committed to 5 star client satisfaction.

Alex Marriott the Exercise Physiologists at Tailored Health is amazing. He has activated a training program for me based on my needs which is to improve mobility in hips and upper thoracic area. Having my program set by Alex as an EP ensures that a qualified Physiologist is looking after my needs. I feel safe that I'm guided by a qualified professional. Would highly recommend Tailored Health and Alex to anyone who is seeking to improve strength and mobility.

George Kalomallos Avatar George Kalomallos
March 8, 2023

I have worked at Tailored Health for over a year now, and haven't come across a business that emphasises client care higher. The business does everything possible to help practitioners help their clients best. From professional development sessions, guest speakers and up to date research to ensure clients are in the best position possible to achieve their goals. If you are looking to improve your health, healthy habits, sporting performance or energy levels, I would highly recommended Tailored Health.

Yasiru Herath Avatar Yasiru Herath
January 4, 2024

I completed my first placement at Tailored Health and my experience working with the team was amazing, they were very welcoming and kind. A talented team of knowledgeable Exercise Physiologists who truly care about their clients and wanting to help them achieve their goals. Couldn't have asked for a better environment to join!

Caitlyn Kavanagh Avatar Caitlyn Kavanagh
December 15, 2023