Golf Performance Services, in Ashwood Victoria

Need more distance? Want less aches and pains? Looking for more energy to finish your round? If these things are on your mind, you’re in the right place!

Step 1: Understand exactly where you are at by completing a Golf Movement Assessment.

Step 2: Use your assessment results to identify which of our Golf Movement Programs is going to have the greatest impact on your golf performance (and health!).

Our New Driver Guarantee, rarer than an eagle putt, will give you peace of mind while you improve your game while completing our Golf Programs. 

Upgrading your most important piece of golf equipment, your body, is the single biggest lever you can pull on to improve your golf performance and your day to day health!

What you get from our three Golf Movement Assessment are:

Our most popular Golf Movement Assessment is our “Starter Assessment” which will have you feeling like you know more about the golf swing than Ben Hogan

Our “Ultimate Assessment” is designed for the golfer who needs to know and have the best of everything!

The “Quick Assessment” is exactly that, a short and sharp starting point for your golf improvement journey.

Whichever assessment you choose, you’ll be ahead of the golfer who’s not taking action!

Our mission is to help you play your best golf by moving better!

We believe unlocking your bodies potential is the most underestimated golf improvement strategy you can use to gain a competitive edge.

Our Golf Programs are:

Golf Mobility Program: Most people start here as this is often where the most quick gains can be made, reducing those ache and pains while teaching you the fundamental golf movements required so that you can enjoy the game for the years (decades!) to come.

Golf Strength Program: Great for those who have little to no pain and would love more stability, extra distance and quicker recovery times after playing

Golf Power Program: Not for the faint hearted, this program is loaded with high intensity golf exercises designed to have you reaching swing speeds you once only dreamt of.

Our New Driver Guarantee: If you feel our Golf Programs you haven’t improved your game as much as a new driver would, we’ll buy you one!

After your Golf Movement Assessment each program goes for six 45 minute sessions and will be guided by the following framework:

  • Strong Foundations: Build your program, going through tailored golf movements, and set up your Weekly Golf Plan.
  • Demo Day: Demonstrate your program, discuss feedback and further tailor your program.
  • Progress Check: Review past fortnight, discuss any challenges and adjust Weekly Golf Plan as required.
  • Progression Session: Keep up momentum, checking the intensity and providing the next levels for the now “easy” parts of your program.
  • Re-Assessment: Time to harvest those gains by re-assessing the key areas of improvement from your first assessment.
  • New Golf Game Plan & Program: A final program polish and an updated plan for the next chapter in your golf improvement journey

Note that this is a framework with plenty of wiggle room for us to tailor these sessions to the areas you find are most pressing!

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5 Star Google Reviews
Tailored Health is committed to 5 star client satisfaction.

I first came pre-covid, then took a break & returned earlier this yr. I would describe Tailored Health as an ethical, inclusive and progressive business. I take advantage of the 2 session a week group class program which includes a complementary quarterly 1:1 45 min. review by an exercise physiologist. I have gained considerable strength and have improved my fitness under the safe guidance of the practitioners. It is a genuinely welcoming environment and makes allowances for those who have missed classes - which is most appreciated for F/T workers! It is good value for money to mitigate wear and tear and to alleviate physical and mental stress. I would highly recommend it to those who require rehab from an injury and or would like to restore their health to their individual optimum level. Thank you to Claire, Ben and Alex.

R T Avatar R T
October 17, 2022

“It’s so great and I really like the blaze pods, kicking, balloon tennis, ball in the hoop. I just really like it” - Saf 8yo

stephanie glass Avatar stephanie glass
April 10, 2023

I have been an employee at Tailored Health for a few months now and I have absolutely fallen in love with the culture and values of this place! As someone who has worked in a number of businesses in this industry, I truly believe Tailored Health runs one of the most hospitable and well informed service's for helping people look after their health and get back to living life on their own terms.

Alex Marriott Avatar Alex Marriott
April 22, 2022