NDIS Exercise Physiology Services in Ashwood, Victoria

We are proud to offer NDIS Services to our community because we believe in supporting all people to live their healthiest life.

We can help people who are both Plan Managed and Self Managed via the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

How does it work?

We treat people the same way we would any of our other clients; with respect and kindness. Always.

We believe that everyone should be treated and cared for the same way no matter who you are or whether you are an NDIS participant or not. For this reason, your appointment lengths and quality of care will remain at the same high standard that we offer for all of our clients.

We help NDIS participants achieve greater levels of independence, with our program built around improving confidence, connection and participation.

How is payment made?

Plan managed clients

Plan managers can operate in different ways, depending on the plan manager. For all plan managed clients we will require the following:

  • Details of your plan manager
  • Your NDIS number
  • Your billing information

In most cases, we will send the invoices directly to your plan manager so all you will need to do is arrive for your appointment. To keep things as smooth and as seamless and possible, we can take care of the rest.

Self Managed clients

For self managed clients the process is very simple. We provide you with an invoice to supply to the NDIA for your reimbursement and your records. This process is smooth and simple and works just like any other insurance policy.

Looking to Make an Appointment?

Booking Online is the most convenient way to lock in the appointment type, practitioner & time you want.