Starting on your Tailored Health Journey?

Here are some key things to remember

On your journey with us we are going to encounter challenges and changes to your routine. To help you out, we’ve listed a few key things to remember when starting your journey with us to make it as smooth as possible, and to reap the most rewards you can through Tailoring an Exercise Program for you!

  1. Recovery or healthy behaviour change doesn’t often occur in a straight line (unfortunately!) – There may be ups and downs with your pain or health and that is normal. Keep us in the loop, and let us know how you’re feeling so we adjust your plan accordingly. Your journey may look like the stock market (especially in the early stages) – An upwards trajectory with ups and downs from day to day. We want to limit the ‘downs’ – The more you tell us, the more we can adjust to make it as smooth as possible. The trend is your friend, as long as it pointing upwards!
  2. We will be working together on multiple areas that contribute to your pain or health Sometimes progress will move quickly in areas, and other times you might feel we have hit a plateau in others. Your priorities will live and breathe as we go through your journey, and sometimes our goals and ambitions will need reshaping over time. If you feel as though your focus has changed, your progress has plateaued of if you would like to adapt/change your goals to better suit you at any given time, it may be time to review and discuss with your Exercise Physiologist.
  3. It takes teamwork! What we do outside of the clinic is just as important as what we do within it – What you do now at home will go a long way to you getting better, faster! And if you find this is hard to stick to, reach out so we can help suit your needs better.

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5 Star Google Reviews
Tailored Health is committed to 5 star client satisfaction.

Really great caring and flexible team. Claire and Phil have been working with my son, Daniel who is autistic while Ben have been working with me on my golf fitness. HIghly recommended for anyone regardless of level of fitness or disability. And for unique and inspiring golf fitness program regardless of age or ability!

Mun Chin Avatar Mun Chin
November 7, 2019

I can’t speak highly enough of Tailored a health and it’s team of dedicated Exercise Physiologists. I found myself at a point with chronic, debilitating back pain that I honestly didn’t think there was any hope of recovering from. Over the past 2&1/2 years I’ve progressed from barely being able to get off the floor to making a recent return to skiing and weight training at the gym! Something I thought would never be possible. Ongoing weekly sessions with Claire have been life changing not only physically but also with the added knowledge regarding the psychology of pain and injury rehab, which has been invaluable. Huge thanks also to Ben, Alex, Phil, Yas and Helen who have also helped support me throughout my journey at Tailored Health. So grateful and excited for the future and to kick some more exercise goals!

Danni Marchi Avatar Danni Marchi
November 8, 2023

The practitioners are very committed and passionate and have helped me with weight loss and general improvement in my fitness. The clinic is clean, modern and well equiped and I really enjoy the group fitness classes where I have made some lovely friendships. A very supportive atmosphere

Helen Rattle Avatar Helen Rattle
June 8, 2022