Tailored Health’s 7th Birthday | A Word From Ben


Age 25, Feb 1st, 2016
I started Tailored Health
With a simple dream

Provide a tailored experience with Exercise Physiology
Would anyone get it?
I’d have to wait and see

18 months later Claire joined the team first
Fresh back from Kenya
She gave us an energy burst

I then went to Europe and did some travel
While Claire steered the ship
And made sure we didn’t unravel

18 months later, Phil arrived
My all over the shop onboarding to TH
Only he could survive

With his passion to help others, better himself and play football
I remember thinking
One day this guy will have it all

It was now 2020 and COVID came along,
I said “it’ll be over in a few weeks”
I soon learnt I was wrong

End of 2020 I thought “surely it’ll be over soon”
Let’s triple our clinic size
and get some more room

And we added a client experience officer too
Happy and helpful Helen
Was about to learn something new

Now you’re across all the apps on your desktop
With your energy, kindness and loving heart
You’ve truly made Tailored Health “pop”

Soon after arrived the guy with the 10 APGAR
But you can’t hold it against him
After all, he’s from Caannnberra

Maz has taken to running our social media
While knocking clients socks off, being the “clinic nerd”
He’s also building our PD Wikipedia

Late last year we wanted a golf EP
Which is when we found Yas
To help replace me clinically

A handicap of 8 in only 2 years
I can see you helping reduce
All our golfers fears

We’ve also grown our TH extended family
with Podiatry, Osteo
and Psychology

As time goes on I’m beginning to see
That as we create the most Tailored Health experience
We are also building a family

There’s bound to challenges,  to see if we’re are up to the task.
However, I know we’ll succeed with
Team work, effort and the welding mask

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5 Star Google Reviews
Tailored Health is committed to 5 star client satisfaction.

I completed my first placement at Tailored Health and my experience working with the team was amazing, they were very welcoming and kind. A talented team of knowledgeable Exercise Physiologists who truly care about their clients and wanting to help them achieve their goals. Couldn't have asked for a better environment to join!

Caitlyn Kavanagh Avatar Caitlyn Kavanagh
December 15, 2023

You’ll always be met with a genuine smile by the staff of Tailored Health! They are all so passionate about helping people through personalised “tailored” exercise physiology programs. I’ve been a client for 6+ years and would not hesitate to recommend their services. They help me manage the symptoms of my chronic health condition so that I don’t just have to survive, but I can thrive in my work, life and family. They consistently cheer on their clients to make the most of their abilities and achieve their health goals. They’re very family friendly and during my time as a client I’ve often had to bring my kids to an appointment with me and I have never felt that to be an issue - in fact the kids get just as much out of those sessions as me, if not more!

Trish King Avatar Trish King
November 10, 2023

Ben and the whole team at Tailored health are absolutely 5 star worthy. You won’t meet a nicer more caring bunch of people. They really understand and are sympathetic to your needs.

Mandy Graham Avatar Mandy Graham
March 7, 2024