The No BS Framework To Achieve Your Health Goals

The way 99% of people look at their health is backwards.

Let me know if you’ve ever thought “I wonder what will fix this problem quickly? What medication or pill? What brace, taping, quick fix tool can help?”

These are definitely great questions to start with, however, notice how all these start with “what”? We need to zoom out and see the full picture and include “how” and the “why”, as this what you’ll need to succeed in the long run (or more than one day or week). The Tailored Health & Exercise Goal Achiever Program (THE GAP) is your secret weapon to being in the group of the 1%.

We have built a unique framework when it comes to achieving health goals which helps you to quickly see the full picture. Once you understand the three areas of the framework and how they mesh together to create more motivation, momentum and meaning in your life, particularly when it comes to your health, you’ll never be the same.


The first, and most important, area we need to discover is your health “purpose”, or “why” you want to achieve a certain health goal. What reasons do you have for moving towards the health goal and away from the health concern? For some of you this will be quick and easy and for others you may need to do some more in-depth thinking. We have a number of tools to help you with this area.

Why find our ‘why’? The clarity of your purpose will mirror the grit and determination you’ll have to overcome obstacles along your health journey. Put another way…”He who has a why to live can bear almost any how” Friedrich Nietzsche.

Let’s pretend we have two people wanting to improve the health, Ken Sailor and Ben Taylor.

Ken Sailor has an unclear purpose. E.g. I want to lose weight.

Ben Taylor has a clear Purpose. E.g. I want to lose 10 kilograms in 6 months, so that I can fit into my suit for to walk my daughter down the aisle on her wedding day. Now we are getting somewhere.


The second area we work on is your “plan”, or “how” you are going to achieve your purpose you defined in part one. This area will cover your day, week and monthly plans up until you achieve your purpose. Breaking your purpose down into blocks and then into tiny pieces once again helps with your clarity to achieve your health  goal.

Ken Sailor has an unclear plan. E.g. Walk more often

Ben Taylor has a clear plan. E.g. Walk for 20mins along Gardner’s Creek Trail on weekdays, at 7am (after waking up at 6:30am and before heading off to work at 8:30am), totaling 100min of walking for the week.

Ok, so this may be a little OTT (over the top)…but if you played this out over time who would you you bet on achieving their health purpose? Ken or Ben?

2 Quick Tips: You should be able to answer “What does done look like?” when it comes to completing your weekly plan. If you can’t answer this question – you need to be more specific. Also, if you have a place and a time (i.e. when and where) for your activity your likelihood of getting it done will increase dramatically!

This combination of a clear purpose and plan to implement is where we find your motivation peaks. Close your eyes and imagine your healthiest self, then imagine having a clear action plan created with your Exercise Physiologist (EP) to guide you straight there. Instantly, a lightning bolt of motivation courses through our body. Notice how we haven’t even considered “what” needs doing yet. Well thankfully it’s the next part.


The third and final puzzle piece to round out the full picture of how to achieve your health goal is your “program”, or “what” it is you’ll be doing – think movements, actions and tasks. Once you are completing your program in line with your plan you’re going to gain momentum towards your health purpose. All the thinking, chatting and planning now meets ACTION which is where the magic [progress] happens.

At this stage we would select tailored exercises based on your health concern and ensure that it is relevant to your health purpose. When each exercise has a direct link to your purpose it suddenly takes on a whole new level of meaning. Doing meaningful exercises helps us to look forward to completing our program.

Ken Sailor is lacking to attach meaning. E.g. I’m doing my home exercise circuit because my EP said so!

Ben Taylor is attaching meaning. E.g. So that you can I feel great, improve my fitness, strength, and fit into my suit – happily walking my daughter down the aisle on her wedding day – I’m going to complete my home exercise circuit.

We would then ensure that the exercises selected are at just the right level, not too easy and not too hard (Goldilocks principle). We would then finally document any and all tailored tips that help you do that exercise correctly.

Again, if you played this out over time who would you you bet on achieving their health purpose? Ken or Ben?

Are you wanting more motivation, meaning and momentum towards your health goals?

Or perhaps you are you needing some support clarifying your health purpose, plan or program?

If you answered yes, to either of the above two questions, just know you’re not alone! We’d also like you to know that we can help support you in the above areas mentioned.

We would love to hear what your health goals and desires are!

We’ll be sure to provide more information on the above framework covered above so that you can get moving towards your health goals (literally!)

Your friend in helping you be healthy and active,

Ben Taylor
Exercise Physiologist


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Have made great strides of progress with a 12 month knee injury thanks to Ben at Tailored Health. Have tried many different options in trying to get back on track and I can finally run again thanks to my new program that he prescribed.

alex rowe Avatar alex rowe
December 8, 2019

I've been a client of Tailored Health for a number of years. They've been able to get me back to full fitness after injuries as well as improve my overall strength and wellbeing via regular appointments. Very friendly team and a supportive environment. Highly recommend.

Ben Lingard Avatar Ben Lingard
June 6, 2023

I took part in a program to help improve my mobility and strength specifically to improve my golf game. Yas was very knowledgeable in biomechanics, passionate for golf, and set out realistic programs for my restricted schedule. I was able to increase strength including rehabilitating a pre-existing right shoulder injury, increase swing speed, and increased hip mobility. I now feel in a better position to further develop my swing speed and mechanics.

Evan Hong Avatar Evan Hong
January 18, 2024