Top 10 Ways To Fast Track Your EP Career (While You’re Still A Student 🤯)


Wanting to make your mark in the EP industry, but you’re still a student?

While others are “taking it easy”, here’s 10 simple ways you can dramatically increase your career prospects (even while you’re a student)!

Alright, let’s get straight into it…

Part 1: Have mentors (a.k.a. career accelerators 🏎)

This would be the fastest way for you to fast track your career. Simply find someone who has already done what you are looking to do. Mention your interest and admiration of what the person has achieved and that you would like to do something similar. Finish by asking them if they’d be open to answering a couple of your questions and go from there. This might be via email, Zoom or over a coffee. People who are “mentor worthy” are often very happy to help and will often share their wisdom with those who are demonstrating extra effort and aspire to have a career in that industry that the mentor is from. Be aware that they may be low on time so always be prepared and efficient

Part 2: Invest in yourself 💰

This could be courses online, videos on YouTube, podcasts on Spotify or going and attending conferences or coaching. How much investing are we talking? A guideline would be 10% of your salary is put straight back into investing in yourself. The challenge most have is recognising the value of the skills they learn which compound over the many years of your career in the future. The course may even give you more bargaining power when negotiating salary with the company. E.g. A $1,000 course could be the difference between you getting an award base salary or a salary $5,000 -$10,000 above this. Note: Not everything has to be expensive to be good! Often a personal development book or [insert area you’re looking to upskill in] will cost you $10-$50 and within it is a clever persons lifetime of wisdom condensed into a few hundred pages. Plus you’re likely not to be able to afford the persons mentoring/coaching fees (yet 😉) so a book can be a fantastic start. The key is to not look at these things as a cost but rather look at yourself as a clever human, worth investing in! Remember there’s no shortage of data or information out there, it’s a matter of learning and applying it with action.

Part 3: Develop a growth 🧠

Given we are evidenced based practitioners, leading the way using exercise as medicine, it’s logical that we develop our growth mindset and be open to evolving our beliefs, skills and attitudes as new scientific discoveries are made.

Note: “In a growth mindset, people believe that their most basic abilities can be developed through dedication and hard work—brains and talent are just the starting point. This view creates a love of learning and a resilience that is essential for great accomplishment.”…“In a fixed mindset, people believe their basic qualities, like their intelligence or talent, are simply fixed traits. They spend their time documenting their intelligence or talent instead of developing them.” Dweck, 2015.

I know which mindset I like to have.

It’s clear that developing a growth mindset is going to help you in all areas of your life, however, it particularly comes in handy when being creative in providing treatment options, exercises and ideas for your clients to help them get as healthy as possible.

Part 4: Intentionally build relationships 🤝

This is all about increasing ways for people to know, like and trust you. You cannot skip a step in this process. Think about it…you wouldn’t go on a first date and then ask the person to marry you! Well I at least hope note 🤞 **but what about Married At First Sight** 🤦‍♂️

Building relationships is mostly the same in any industry. You need to get people to be aware of you. Yes, this means getting out there to some industry events, putting your hand up to help out volunteering where possible or building a following on a social media platform.

Once you’re having more conversations, people will naturally like you. You’re an EP after all 😉

After repeated conversations, multiple catch ups over time you’re gonna get to the third level of building relationships and people will trust you. This trust will lead to more job opportunities and a fun filled career as you work in collaboration. Team work makes the dream work!

Look at each of these 3 areas and ask yourself what strategies you have to boost know, like and trust. You’ll soon develop your network and positively influence our industry.

Part 5: Finding your why ❓

Why do you do, what you do? Answer this clearly and you wont “work” a day in your life. Now there’s no magic formula that I’ve found for this.

A practically starting point to find your would be keeping a journal, simply answering the following prompts each day (or week) that you’re on placement or at uni:

-What did you love and what did you loath about that day?

-What clients did time for seem like it flew by?

-What clients did it feel like time slowed down and you’d rather poke yourself in the eye?

-What type of client (or work) would you do for free because you just enjoy it so much? Once you find that answer, you found your why? 

You will accumulate examples over time and start to see patterns which will keep edging you closer and closer to what really likes your soul on fire!

Part 6: Be consistent and patient while your actions compound 📈

I get it, you want to go from where you’re now to the top of the ladder in as quick amount of time as possible! I admire this, and this was me too, but what I’d suggest would be open to being patient at the same time as this is ease the immediate pressure on you.

Plus being consistent and disciplined with your actions, you’ll start to see that your skills will compound over time and you’ll go miles past those who maybe looked for shortcuts or tried to get to places that they weren’t ready for.

Be consistent. Be patient. Take action and then watch things positively compound over the years and you’ll be surprised on where you can get to!

Part 7: Read books 📚

I remember saying “I’m never reading a book again” during my masters (what a fixed mindset 🤣). What I now realise is that it was the type of book I was reading [text books 🥱]. I recommend that you read books that develop your skills. There’s a book on almost anything out there. Refer to my top 10 books blog coming soon to get started. Depending on what area of your life you’re looking to really upskilling.

Part 8: Culture is everything 😍

Aiming to be a great team player that everyone loves hanging out and working with is easier said than done. A simple way to think of it is be someone who looks to give first as oppose to being a taker or even a matcher. If you’re someone who puts in time and effort, do not take yourself too seriously and you give all you’ve got to the team, your clients and the company mission then you’ll easily fit in with a great team culture.

Part 9: Practice for interviews

Get used to telling stories about common questions that you will likely get in an interview. Practicing this way will have you feeling a lot more confident and settled moving into your interview as our brains remember stories a lot better than word for word pre-scripted answers. Also,check out the six key questions to asking interviews here. This would be a good starting point to getting you an EP job

Part 10: Volunteer 🌍

I know no one likes doing things for free! However, you would be surprised when we put our growth mindset to work we realise it’s never for free or a waste of time. You are always developing skills, plus your developing relationships with people in your network who are going to know like and trust you. Win, win.

The more places you volunteer, the more likely that you are opening up doors towards to your future career. Remember that everybody on this planet has a network of influence and perhaps it’s not where you volunteered that you get a job but it is from one of the people that you worked with who knew someone in their network that really needed your skill set. Crazy the amount of times this happens. You never know where volunteering would and end up! Perhaps you even try out a placement with us at Tailored Health!? I know we would love to have you here.

I hope you find these top 10 tips are helpful for getting you into a strong position to really accelerate your EP career, even whilst you are a student.! You can look to implement these 10 parts over time and routinely come back and visit them over your career.

I’d love to know, which part are you going to take action on?

Ben Taylor
Mad Keen Golfer
Director of Tailored Health
Exercise Physiologist

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I went to Tailored Health as part of an overall desire to improve my golf. I can honestly say a few sessions with Yas and the team has been far more beneficial to me than hitting hundreds of balls at the range. The benefits of increased mobility and strength applied to the golf swing are a must for anyone looking to improve their game. I have definitely noticed a huge improvement in ball striking after a few sessions and a program of exercises to follow. The team is friendly and supportive - I highly recommend them.

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February 14, 2024

Alex Marriott the Exercise Physiologists at Tailored Health is amazing. He has activated a training program for me based on my needs which is to improve mobility in hips and upper thoracic area. Having my program set by Alex as an EP ensures that a qualified Physiologist is looking after my needs. I feel safe that I'm guided by a qualified professional. Would highly recommend Tailored Health and Alex to anyone who is seeking to improve strength and mobility.

George Kalomallos Avatar George Kalomallos
March 8, 2023

Hi Ben and team. Thank you for the professional exercise advice over the last few years. Building core strength has eliminated my chronic back pain and improved my endurance and flexibility. The extra muscle assures my single figure golf handicap. The whole family are now Tailored Health converts. Well done.

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May 27, 2023