Want More Power In Your Golf Swing? Start Here With This Exercise!


Are you looking for more power and distance? Ever seen a golf swing that looks effortless?

The two are definitely connected and it’s starts with hip rotation in your golf swing. Until you get this right you won’t be bombing drives past your mates!

Hello fellow golfer,

I have shown a movement test you can do for hip rotation in a previous blog. Here we will go through a simple exercise you can implement on the course. at home or in the office!

Why is hip rotation important?

Well there’s many reasons, however, let’s start with these two:

  1. Your glutes are the biggest muscle group in your body and are located where your back pockets are. Think of these as the king of the golf swing. Get these working right and you’ll have effortless power.
  2. Your hips (and lower limbs), lets think of it as your lower body, is the only 2 contact points with the ground so if we are inefficient at using our hips and lower body you can guarantee we are leaking power in our golf swing. We already know that the power works in a chain reaction from the ground, through our lower body, to our upper body, to our arms then into the club which then transfers into the that little white ball (Kkkaaboom!!)

So now for the exercise! It’s a simple exercises, however, not easy. It’s a great starting point to improving the power in your golf swing and is in the video below.

Action points for this exercise:
1. Using a chair in front of you or a couch we get into our golf stance for more stability.
2. Practice rotating our hips in a circular motion (focus on the belt buckle moving to the left and then to the right) keeping the chest nice and steady.
3. Over time we can practice that test without the support of the chair or couch

This movement is a vital one for creating more power and consistent ball striking .

How did you go? I would love to hear how you went!

Happy golfing,

Ben Taylor
Golf Medical Expert
Tailored Golf

P.S. My mission is to help golfers play their best golf by moving better. If this is you, you can book a free golf movement assessment here.

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