Want More Power In Your Golf Swing? It’s All In The Hips!


Have you ever wanted more power to hit the golf ball further?

Have you ever wondered where kids or skinny golfers get their power from to hit the ball so far?

Hello fellow golfer,

It’s true. Happy Gilmore’s coach, Chubbs Peterson, was right. It’s all in the hips! The better we can independently separate our hips and our upper body rotation, the greater potential we have to create power within our golf swing.

Mastering this movement, in the video below, of rotating our hips is key to a great transition at the top of your backswing and creating great amounts of power on your downswing!

What does it mean if you can’t do this movement smoothly? Well, it is going to be hard to outdrive your mates as you’ll be underutilizing your greatest power generator (your hips)! You’ll also be compensating elsewhere in your swing which leads to greater inconsistency in your game and you’d be at a higher risk of injury to the parts of your body you compensate with (commonly lower back, neck or wrist).

How did you go with this movement assessment? Would love to hear how you went!

Future blogs will feature exercises to help you improve your hip movement.

Thanks, Ben Taylor
Golf Medical Expert
Tailored Golf

P.S. My mission is to help golfers play their best golf by moving better. If this is you, you can book a free golf movement assessment here.

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