Why should I include Exercise Physiology in my NDIS plan?

You may have heard of an Exercise Physiologist (EP) but what can their service do to help you or a loved one achieve your/their NDIS goals?

An EP is a tertiary qualified health professional who designs and delivers exercise programs for those with injury, illness or disability. Basically, we find a way to exercise in a way that’s right for you with a tailored program to achieve your health and wellbeing goals. There is a way to exercise for everyone, and we look to find that way.  

EP has tremendous potential to support your wellbeing and health outcomes through multiple different facets of your life, such as ease of living at home, improved independence and work and/or school, social and community engagement and self-management of your health and wellbeing (not to mention all the other benefits exercise has).  

Lets look a little closer at how EP can help you excel in these areas if included in your NDIS plan:

Independent Living

To support independence at home we look at the tasks of daily living and the ability to perform those tasks. For example; hygiene, eating, cooking, dressing, chores, level of mobility and balance. If there are any physical concerns like strength or range of motion we prescribe exercise in which we help our clients to improve or maintain their ability to partake in daily activities of living with independence. 

The fitter and stronger you are, the better you’ll be able to look after yourself around the house!

Work or School 

The key areas that we would focus on helping you for work and/or school would be getting to/from work independently and your ability to do tasks expected of you.

Getting to and from work or school may be making sure you can get in and out of your car, the balance to stand on public transport or even have the ability for a full shift of work and be ready to do it all again tomorrow.

Your ability to do tasks at work whether that be getting off the ground, stacking shelves or shovelling dirt there are many examples where your physical and cardiovascular fitness could be tested and we can help make sure you’re able to do it with ease. 

Community Engagement 

There are 2 key areas we can help in regards to community engagement. The first one being attending your EP services themselves – A typical EP clinic is filled with like minded and similar people to you, all working on improving their health and fitness together. EP services are social settings in nature, and include regular contact with a friendly and energetic health professional/friend. 

The second way EP can help with community engagement is making sure you have the ability to travel within your community, making sure you have the required level of mobility to commute to and the ability to access your community events confidently. For example ensuring you have the ability to climb the flight of stairs into the shops and the energy and fitness to spend time with friends nd family within the community.

Self Management

EP gives you the tools to manage areas of your health independently through movement and exercise. With this can come a better understanding of your condition, how you work best and what to do when you’re not feeling 100%. 

We can help provide you with the tools to manage your own health goals and maintain or improve your independence.

Further Benefits

The above list of ways EP can help is an excellent start for helping you make your decision about if it is right for you. But looking deeper, there are even more reasons and ways EP can be of great benefit.

Firstly, EP has been seen to be an extremely cost effective therapy as seen in the Deloitte Access Economics report, which stated:

“It was estimated that for every $1 a consumer spends on receiving accredited exercise physiologist interventions, they would receive $10.50 in well-being benefits, improved consumer productivity, and reduced consumer health system expenditure”

What does this mean?

It means that investing in exercise physiology keeps you healthier and in less need of supports by maintaining your independence and overall having a positive impact on your health.

This also means you can stretch your finding further – instead of spending money on costly specialist appointments, aids to assist in activities of daily living, pharmaceuticals, carers and other costs involved with chronic health conditions, you will have more money in your plan to use for enriching services, greater independence and greater health benefits associated with exercise physiology services.

Finally, we can’t forget to mention the already known benefits to exercise, regardless of health status or disability. Beyond the specific ways EP helps an NDIS participant regain their independence and improve their quality of life, you can also see the following benefits: 

  • Reduced all cause mortality
  • Lower risk of developing cancer
  • Lower risk of type 2 diabetes
  • Lower cardiovascular risk factors (such as high cholesterol and high blood pressure)
  • Stronger bones, muscles and joints
  • Lower risk of falls and improved balance
  • Reduced periods of recovery post injury 
  • Better mood regulation – more energy, better mood, more relaxed and sleep better
  • Reduce/manage negative thoughts and worries
  • Improved energy levels

Here at Tailored Health, we have a passion for helping those on the NDIS remain independent and active through our NDIS Exercise Program. If this sounds like it would be a good fit for you or someone you know, read more on our website, or contact our friendly team to learn more about what we can do to help.


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Have been coming to Tailored Health for two years and it has made such a difference to my life and overall health. Phil has been such a kind and knowledgeable support, he has helped me consistently and realistically achieve my goals. Ben, Helen, Claire and Alex are always a delight too.

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I completed my first placement at Tailored Health and my experience working with the team was amazing, they were very welcoming and kind. A talented team of knowledgeable Exercise Physiologists who truly care about their clients and wanting to help them achieve their goals. Couldn't have asked for a better environment to join!

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The practitioners are very committed and passionate and have helped me with weight loss and general improvement in my fitness. The clinic is clean, modern and well equiped and I really enjoy the group fitness classes where I have made some lovely friendships. A very supportive atmosphere

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