Why We Log Power Hours


If positively influencing your friends, your friends friends and their friends too wasn’t enough to get you motivated!

Here’s another bunch of reasons why we log Power Hours ourselves, as Tailored Health team members, and encourage you as a Tailored Health community member to do the same.

  1. Achieve your health goals faster: What you focus on, is what you get. Given that you want to have a great health span (years of healthy life lived) surely it’s a wise that we invest some focus and attention towards our health along the way? Note, that it’s never too late to start. One of the biggest concerns our clients mention to us is accountability. Receiving a weekly reminder will tip the odds in your favour of reaching your health goals. How so? Well it ensures that you stay accountable towards your health goals and although we all have good and not so good weeks (even Exercise Physiologists!) this reminder will ensure you never go too long without ensuring that your health plan, program and purpose is working for you (not against you).
    We are what we repeatedly do (or don’t do). Consistency will always beat one-off efforts. Find me an overnight success and I’d closely look at what they were doing 5 – 10 years leading up to the success. This is where being consistent with our reminders will help as you’re more likely to show up for yourself and your health goals. Example: Ken Sailor absolutely blitzes the first month of being active, but then has a work trip – doesn’t exercise for the week – feels guilty and then never resumes his health routine. Result 4 out of 52 weeks of hitting movement goals. Ben Taylor on the other hand has 2 weeks of hitting hit target in the first month, but learns a lot about his condition and his health routine so he continues to refine things over time (sure he drops off here and there) but by 9 months into his journey he now rarely misses hit activity target. Result 36 out of 52 weeks of hitting movement goals. I know which person I’d rather be.
    In future, we will also be providing monthly reports to community members to show your progress. Can you Imagine 12 monthly reports (or chapters) creating your very own Tailored Health Goal Journey Book!? We can and we can’t wait to see what you achieve!
  2. Unlock rewards: The more you move, the more you get. Soon we will be offering those who reach special milestones (e.g. first 10 Power Hours) a range of different rewards – think vouchers (Secret Souv?), special offers on equipment, free access to exclusive Tailored Health events and more.
  3. Monthly Prizes: These will be based off of effort, new personal records with opportunities for everyone to win, whether you’re working on getting to the letterbox or to the finish line of your first marathon.

Your friend in helping you be healthy and active,

Ben Taylor
Mad keen Speedgolfer
Director of Tailored Health
Exercise Physiologist

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